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Mahesh Babus Exclusive interview with Times Of India

Chums , here goes the Complete interview with prince of Tollywood with Times Of India..

With “Businessman” declared a super hit, superstar Mahesh Babu now has two back-to-back box office blockbusters to boast of in a record span of just four months.
The actor has reaffirmed his undisputed numero uno position in the Telugu film industry and has become the toast of T-town. Excerpts from a chat with Mahesh Babu…

You moved into a new home…
Yes, my new house is great. I would say the vaastu is perfect – when I moved into this house, “Dookudu” released. And now I have “Businessman”. Both are blockbusters and I am very happy with the positive response.

You’ve worked in back-to-back super hits… how has the whirlwind journey been?
After completing “Dookudu”, I immediately started working on “Businessman” without taking a single day off. Both these characters are completely different. And I was feeling nervous during the first couple of days shooting. But I followed Jagan garu and he helped me do a perfect job.

Before “Businessman”, director Puri Jagannadh was badly in need of a Tollywood hit. What made you sign on the film?
I personally think that Jagan never gets down or disappointed by his flops. He is a happy man and he always smiles, no matter how his film does. But yes, what I know is that a few industry people have been irking him and troubling him for the last couple of years. He has channelled all that frustration into “Businessman”… He shot the film with anger. there is fire in the dialogues.
When he narrated the story to you, did you ask for any changes in the script? Do you do that with all your movies?
I accepted this film with complete confidence in Puri Jagannadh. In fact, he told me the complete plot only after 15 days of shooting was completed! I always believe that one can’t interfere in another’s work. Once I start work on any film, I surrender myself completely and blindly follow the director.

You completed the film in a short span of just three months?
Yes, this is going to be a new trend for sure. I hope many will follow this in the industry. We didn’t just complete the film in a record time, but we also made it a blockbuster. This is a lesson in budget control… we saved so much money by shooting like this.

Word is doing the rounds that you are doing the Hindi version of “Businessman”? Is it true?
No. I am not doing that film. Actually I won’t do any Hindi films in the near future. As long as I am acting, I will do only Telugu films. I want to take Telugu films to the world. Everyone should talk about our films. The response I get from the fans and people here is amazing, I would never want to leave that.

People are now saying you are the number one star and the brand ambassador for Telugu cinema?
If people say those things, I feel happy. But at the same time, I’m aware that more responsibility lies on me now. Let me tell you, when I work on a movie, I never aim for records, collections or the number one position. I always concentrate on my work and look for ways to improve my acting abilities. I also advise my co-stars not to concentrate on these pretty issues and just focus on acting.

So hits and flops don’t affect you then?
When people say they take hits and flops in their stride, I personally feel that they are just lying. Of course, I’m upset when my movies flop. I take it very personally. I don’t talk to anybody and don’t even step out of my house for a week or 10 days. A lot of people are involved in a film and a lot of money is invested in it. I want everybody to be happy when they do a project with me. For instance, after my record hit, “Pokiri”, I was a bit confused about what kind of films to do next. And after that, a couple of flops happened. At the same time, my grandmother, who was very close to me, passed away. I was very upset and wanted to take a break for eight months. This break extended to a good three years, but in that period, I learnt a lot. I distanced myself from the industry and I enjoyed spending quality time with my family, especially my son. It is only after I regained my confidence, I started work on “Khaleja”. I enjoyed myself thoroughly while doing that film. I’m happy that the break I have taken really worked out for me.

You are not just the ‘Prince’ of films, but you are also the choice of multiple brands for endorsements…
The brands I endorse don’t associate themselves with anyone so easily. They approached me only after conducting surveys and polls on who is popular here. They showed me those figures and I’m happy that I have such a huge fan following all over. It’s a great feeling.

Your fresh, new look in movies is being much talked about…
I don’t go out of the way to take special care of myself. I am just very happy right now. And when you look happy, you look good to others.

You hardly make any public appearances and you’re rarely spotted socializing. Do you have friends in the industry?
I’m not a party person. I was always like this. Once I finish shooting, I head straight home and spend time with my family. It’s only when I have to promote my films, that I make public appearances. Home is my favorite place to be. Coming to friends in Tollywood, all the directors I’ve worked with are my best friends. Jagan garu, Trivikram and Srinu Vaitla are all my friends and I’m constantly in touch with them.

Your future projects?
I am doing a multi-starrer with Venkatesh, which is surely going to be a trend setter in Telugu cinema. Venky is one actor who I have always respected and I’m very happy to be working with him. People who thought that I only do action flicks will enjoy this family
After that, I will start work on director Sukumar’s film. I’m lucky that I am getting such
different and interesting scripts now.

Hmm great interview isn't it guys..hope his charisma continues to rule entire Telugu film industry.

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