Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to use Google Earth Offline

Do you ever thought using Google Earth Offline( I mean systems without internet connection).
Do u think it is possible??

Yes it's
 Actually Google Earth will work Offline only if it has the supporting cache files of Online Google Earth, Supporting Google Earth Offline Installer and the corresponding registry files.

So Follow the below steps completly to enjoy using Google Earth Offline:::-->
  1. --->At First explore your maximum intresting places  in google earth online,which you have to see even in offline system.
  2. --->Copy the corresponding cache of which you have explored in the following location.(Copy icons folder, dbcache.dat, dbcache.dat.index ,dbroot_cache)
  3.  "C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth"
  4. --->Install any Google Earth offline installers, the latest version of offline installers can be downloaded from th link.Download Offline Installer Here.. 
  5. --->update registry key and vid of google earth in the following location.
        1.Open Run in the Start and then type "regedit"
        2.go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER..Click on the + cross bar beside HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
        3.Go to Software\ Google\Google Earth Plus..then u will seen list of registry keys beside.. go to Key right   click on that press modify and then enter any 12 digit number say better
        Key="000000000000" and press ok and
  6. ---> Paste the  Cache , in the offline system in the below path, i,e. "C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\GoogleEarth".
  7. Note:-The VID (VersionIdentification) number changes from version to version the one which i mentioned was of Google Earth Offline Version 5.2.

    And Finally Enjoy Using Google Earth Offline....

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