Friday, June 10, 2011

Badrinaths review..

Badrinath(Allu Arjun) is one among trained young lads under Bheeshma Narayan(prakash Raj) to protect Temples in India.Badri is appointed to safe gaurd Badrinath Temple.Alakananda(Tamanna) who does not belive god,Visits Badrinath temple along with her grandfather to do rituals to her passed away parents.There she meets badri(Allu Arjun)and with his campanion she starts to belive god.and falls in love with Badri.Sarkar(Kelli Dorjee) is a big DON who married Tamanna Aunt against the interest of Tamanna grand father.This Aunt wants Tamanna to marry her son.Bheeshma Narayan wishes to make Badri as whole protector of temples where he should be a bachelor for life time.Rest of the story is how Alakananda makes her love success.How Badri keeps up his Guru Bheeshma Narayan words.
Artist Performance :
Allu Arjun as Badrinath is extremely good.His look as a protector should be applauded.His dances are electrifying and lively.Should have taken more care in dialogue delivery.
Tamanna is not bubbly this time,she is ok in her role danced well to match Bunny.
Prakash Raj as Bheeshma Narayan as usual done what he can do best.
Kelly Dorjee,Tanikella Bharani,Kovai Sarala,Brahmanandam,Dharamvarapu Subramanyam,Krishna Bhagavan,M.S.Narayana are ok .
Allu Arjun Electrifying dances.
Couple of Songs .
Flip side :
No Entertainment .

All Fights are almost Similar.
V.V.Vinayak failed in selecting the story and execution.There is no Vinayak mark in this movie.
Chinni Krishna who hyped so much about the movie story is a big disappointment.
Public Talk:
A Very big disappointment from Vinayak and Geetha Arts .Only Saving Factor is Allu Arjun and  his’s a Flop.

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